Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Race to Eliminate Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities

Race to Eliminate Racial & Ethnic Health Disparities
by Lovell Jones, Ph.D.
A few weeks ago, as I sat in LAX waiting for my red eye to wing my way back to Houston for a morning meeting, I wondered if our nation truly wants to eliminate health disparities, or have we created just another industry that relies on health disparities to continue in order to become another employment opportunity?

A few years ago I asked, “How can we expect solutions from those who benefit from the problem?” It is in the vested interest of the beneficiary to continue the situation. Unfortunately, they live for the moment and not the future. In the end, we all suffer. Such was apparent with the passage of the recent Health Reform Bill in the US House of Representatives. Why do I say that? Just think about the following and the continued discussions that are taking place.

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