Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011Virginia Rural Health Summit - Save The Date!!


2 011 Virginia Rural Health Summit
You don't want to miss this event! Virginia's fourth annual Summit that focuses on the progress of Virginia’s State Rural Health Plan (VA-RHP). The VA-RHP has been updated and was finalized in December 2008, after a two-year process of obtaining stakeholder input. The VA-RHP is a 3-5 year strategic plan designed to strengthen the health care infrastructure in rural areas. Come to see the progress we have made and provide your input! General information about the Summit can be found at the Virginia’s State Rural Health Plan website:

Summit information includes:
April 4-5: Virginia Telehealth Pre- Summit
What is the current status of the infrastructure and policies in Virginia? What does my organization need to know about funding and legal issues to implement programs? What is "meaningful use"? Get your answers here! Includes a presentation by Edward Brown M.D., CEO Ontario Telemedicine Network.
April 6: Virginia Rural Health Summit - Health Equity
Do the rural areas of Virginia get the same access and quality of health services as their urban peers? This event will examine what's different about rural Virginia and offer strategies and solutions for moving forward. Featuring the release of the Virginia Rural Health Equity Report and a panel discussion on the implications for rural Virginia.
April 7: Virginia Rural Health Summit - Health Policy
The past year has seen some major changes in the health policy landscape. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has many implications for the availability, delivery and quality of health and health services in the rural areas of Virginia. The event will highlight a panel discussion of representatives from the Virginia Health Reform Initiative Council. The panel will offer their perspectives on the recommendations developed by the Council, the implications for rural Virginia, and the future work of the Council.

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