Thursday, January 5, 2012

Request for Proposal

Issue Date: January 5, 2012 RFP No. 709B114

Title: Promoting Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention and Control in Underserved Populations: Policy, Environmental and System Changes

Using Agency And/Or Location: Virginia Department of Health

Where Work Will Be Performed: Office of Family Health Services

Heart Disease and Stroke Project: 109 Governor Street, 9th Floor, Richmond VA 23219

Initial Period of Contract: From February 1, 2012 through June 29, 2012. Sealed Proposals Will Be Received Until 3:00 P.M. on January 20, 2012, by the Virginia Department of Health's Office of Purchasing and General Services (OPGS) located at 109 Governor Street 12th Floor, Suite 1214, Richmond, VA 23219, for furnishing the goods/services described herein. To be considered, all proposal responses must be received at this address on or before the date and hour stipulated. Offerors should pay particular attention to ensure that their response is properly addressed. The Virginia Department of Health is not responsible if the response does not reach the Issuing Agency address by the appointed time. Responses to this proposal received after the date and hour designated are disqualified and will not be considered. The official time used in the receipt of responses is that time on the clock or automatic time machine in the Office of Purchasing and General Services (OPGS).

The responses may be sent via US Mail to the address above in the “Issuing Agency” area, if it is submitted in adequate time to allow for delivery to the specific location, 12th Floor, Suite 1214, 109 Governor Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219. Offerors are responsible for assuring timely receipt of their response at the specific office location and should make allowance for the possibility of an untoward event.

The safest way to ensure the response is delivered on time, especially if it is submitted within the last seven (7) days prior to the due date, is to deliver it in person. The alternative is to use a commercial delivery service such as Fed Ex or United Parcel Service.

Contact the Office of Purchasing and General Services at 804-864-7526 to ensure your response to the solicitation has been received.

All inquiries for program information should be directed to Lindsey Parker, Program Manager, at 804-864-7759 or email All other inquiries should be directed to Janice Wynn, Buyer, at 804-864-7655 or email .

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