Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Join us on the 13th Floor from 12-1pm for a summer diversion that also feeds your brain

June 5th- Darfur’s Skeleton- The rarely discussed topic of the affects of the Darfur conflict on the environment is the axis around which the 3 main stories of this documentary revolve. Life in the midst of a war zone, but also a celebration of a people's agency and the will to survive and move on. (52 min)

July 10thBreaking the Silence: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Foster Youth Tell Their Stories - Powerful tales of both the successes and failures of the foster care system for a group of former foster youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning (LGBTQ). (60 min)

July 31stBurma- A Forgotten War- Armed with a spy camera and posing as a school teacher, filmmaker Lea Rekow secretly crosses the border of Thailand into Burma to document the startling resilience of the Burmese people who live under the rule of a corrupt junta. Burma: A Forgotten War documents the impact of landmines and the government's use of forced labor, torture, rape and drugs on the various ethnic minorities that continue to survive in the South East region of Burma. (40 min)

August 7thCan- What does it take to heal from mental illness? Can Truong, a war refugee who was among the millions of boat people who fled Vietnam in the 1970's, was a model student, aspiring to become a doctor, when he was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder. After years of unsuccessfully trying conventional medical treatments for his mental illnesses, Can becomes involved in the mental health consumer movement, a social and political effort by people labeled with mental illnesses who believe in recovery through self-determination and peer support. He embarks on a healing journey of a different kind — trying to reconcile cultural differences with his very traditional Confucian father and attempts to make sense of his childhood wounds. (59 min)

August 14thBetween Two Worlds – The Hmong Shaman in America- powerfully exposes the struggle of Hmong refugees in America. This classic documentary traces the lives of three Hmong families displaced thousands of miles from their villages in Northern Laos and alienated in American cities. (27 min)

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